SpliceMSX script ver.0.5alpha is released

SpliceMSX ver.0.5alpha is released

This script installs Hitech-C Libraries for MSX.
Ver. 0.5 is a incremental difference from ver.0.1, 0.2 and 0.4, thus you should execute ver.0.1, 0.2 and 0.4 before ver.0.5.
* 0.3 “Installer for Hitech-C and related files for MSXs” is temporarily skipped due to technical reason.
** Patches for 0.4 are not needed but desireble to extract or patched.


This project is *alpha* version and we still doing trials and errors.
Read document in archive carefully before execute this script.
Version “alpha” files are series of incremental difference. Execute all of
previous versions before latest version.

Detailed(translated) documents will be announced with ver.7.0.
Documents are available in installed package or at web sites. These are written in some other languages and not easy to read now though.


Hitech-C ResourceKit#2 by Tatsuhiko Syoji

Hitech-C ResourceKit#2 by Tatsuhiko Syoji

MCLIB, MSX-C compatible library by Tatsuhiko Syoji

GFX Library by Rafael Jannone

Banking library, with BGM, graphic, CPU control

LIBDOS2 and LIBFIX by Arnold Metselaar

NDOS, BTM library by Konamiman

LIBPOSIX by Diederick de Vries



What is “SpliceMSX”?

“SpliceMSX” is not a name of particular software, but project for building integrated development environment for MSX, using good softwares from all ages and countries. Cores of this project are install/setup scripts for building development environment for MSX.

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