LSX-DODGERS Port for MSX(LDMSX) report003

ZAS error “Too may symbols”

I continued solve the differences between two assemblers as introduced in previous post, I encountered error “Too may symbols”(sic.) while including other source file. (FYI, this error message is not explained in HI-TECH C manuals.)

I suppose, this means “Too many sybols” and memory area is not enough. I decided to compress ZAS binary and make free memory.

I used PopCOM! execution file compresser on CP/M. It is distributed in “PC88 users club library”.

After compression, size of ZAS.COM is 19840 from 37632 bytes.
(I compressed as well this time for further use.)

I wanted to solve memory shortage by this with 18k extended free area, but in vain. “Too many symbols” error is not resolved by memory free area.

前回紹介したアセンブラ間での差分を解消しながら、ソースをアセンブルしていくと、ファイルをインクルードしたときに”Too may symbols”(ママ)のエラーが出てしまいました 。(ちなみにこのエラーメッセージはHI-TECH Cマニュアルに記載されてません)。


PC88 users club libraryにあったものを使用しました。