LSX-DODGERS Port for MSX(LDMSX) report001

Do you know “LSX-Dodgers”?

This is MSX-DOS cloned OS runs on Sharp X1, Z80 series computers.

Unfortunately we don’t have MSX-DOS clones to redistribute freely on the Net, so we should have some. This “LSX-Dodgers” is the first and the best candidate for it, I suppose.

The source codes of “LSX-Dodgers” are published on by original author GAKU. (We appreciate the work!!)

I decided to port this OS to MSX and some other Z80 based computers, and forked it.

Planed tasks(2018/1/1)

*Source (format) convert from OHM-Z80 to HI-TECH C ZAS

*Tests for common functions between MSX-DOS and LSX-DODGERS

*Implements and tests for uncommon functions between MSX-DOS and LSX-DODGERS

*Implements and tests for extended functions by LSX-DODGERS

I will report about porting processes on this blog.